Cloud Atlas targets entities in Russia and Belarus amid the ongoing war in Ukraine_Check Point Research

Cloud Atlas (or Inception) is a cyber-espionage group. Since its discovery in 2014, they have launched multiple, highly targeted attacks on critical infrastructure across geographical zones and political conflicts. The group’s tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) have remained relatively static over the years. However, since the rapid escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in 2021 and especially after the outbreak of war in February 2022, the scope of the group’s activities has narrowed significantly, with a clear focus on Russia, Belarus and conflicted areas in Ukraine and Moldova. Some evidence discovered while monitoring the group’s latest activities indicates that the group carried out a few successful intrusions and managed to gain full access to some of the targeted environments.


Cloud Atlasは、ウクライナで進行中の戦争の中でロシアとベラルーシのエンティティを対象としています-チェック・ポイント・リサーチ (