North Korea Leverages SaaS Provider in a Targeted Supply Chain Attack

JUL 24, 2023

In July 2023, Mandiant Consulting responded to a supply chain compromise affecting a US-based software solutions entity. We believe the compromise ultimately began as a result of a sophisticated spear phishing campaign aimed at JumpCloud, a zero-trust directory platform service used for identity and access management. JumpCloud reported this unauthorized access impacted fewer than five customers and less than 10 devices.The details in this blog post are based on Mandiant’s investigation into the attack against one of JumpCloud’s impacted customers.

Mandiant attributed these intrusions to UNC4899, a Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)-nexus actor, with a history of targeting companies within the cryptocurrency vertical. Mandiant assesses with high confidence that UNC4899 is a cryptocurrency-focused element within the DPRK’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB). Based on reporting from trusted partners, UNC4899 likely corresponds to TraderTraitor, a financially motivated DPRK threat group that primarily targets blockchain-related companies.

North Korea Leverages SaaS Provider in a Targeted Supply Chain Attack
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